Heart Shaped Natural Jute Rug | Custom Size Love Rug & Yoga Mat ,Natural Jute Heart Rug – Perfect for Entryways, Yoga, and Home Decor



DESIGN  Round Latest Design, Dimond Pattern
SIZES All Custom Sizes
MATERIAL Natural Jute
WASH CARE Dry Clean (Recommended)*

  Handmade in India.
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This handmade rug is made with natural jute material with hand braided weave. This is really very beautiful and looks classic. like kitchen, dining area, living area or bedroom. Also you will carry this rug, when you go to the beach or garden for outdoor yoga.This Heart Shaped Natural Jute Rug is a 100% pure handmade & eco-friendly product, crafted with love and care by our talented rural artisans. The natural jute material brings a warm, neutral look to any room, making it an ideal choice for a nautical, bohemian, or contemporary style. Perfect for your living area, bedroom, hallway, dining room, or even outdoor spaces like your garden or patio. Available in custom sizes to fit any space, this versatile rug is pet-friendly and easy to clean, designed to withstand high traffic areas. Add a playful, textured touch to your home decor with this charming jute rug.

  • Natural and Sustainable: The Jute Round Braided Rug offers an eco-friendly touch to your home decor, promoting sustainability with its construction from 100% natural jute fibers.
  • Versatile Round Design: Featuring a distinctive round shape, this rug adds a unique visual element to any room. Its stylish and adaptable design complements a wide range of interior styles.
  • Cozy & Comfy: Soft yet durable jute fibers provide a comfortable walking surface, while their natural sound-absorbing properties create a quieter, more relaxing environment.
  • Effortless Upkeep: The Jute Round Braided Rug is easy to maintain thanks to its natural resistance to dust and dirt. A simple routine vacuuming is all it takes to keep it looking fresh and clean.

>> 100% Handmade with Indian artisans.
>> 100% Jute, Eco friendly materials.
>> 100% Braided by hand.
>> The thickness of the rug is 5-7 mm

#Washing Instruction –
>> Dry Clean (Recommended)*

#Uses – Living room rug, kitchen rug, bathroom rug, bedroom rug, hallway rug, office rug, patio rug, terrace rug, office rug, table runner, dining room rug, saloon rug, doormat rug, entrance rug, baby room rug

Also Available custom size and color as per customer request.

NOTE-1: Actual colors may vary from those shown due to the nature of photography (natural lighting) and monitor color settings.

NOTE-2: There could be additional amounts charged during import of the item in the buyer’s country as per rules and regulations and import duty of the buyer’s country. This would be borne by the customer.


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